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Official guide to East Lothian [Hardback]

Books, Manuscripts
Dundee : Simmath Press.
66p : ill.
The outer covering is library binding, but the original colour-illustrated paper cover has been retained.Possible date of publication 1948-49, as this is written on the title page in pencil.A bookplate on the flyleaf reads: East Lothian District Council Local History Centre. Contributed to the Centre by the East Lothian Antiquarian and Field Naturalists' SOciety.
Index terms:
GuidebooksEast LothianAdvertisementsHaddingtonDunbarNorth BerwickTourismHolidaysQueen's HotelOpen ArmsParachute CafeWishing WellLinga HotelCockenzie CafeWest End HotelYoung's GarageA W BatesRoyal HotelMarine HotelGeorge SparkTweeddale ArmsCapaldi'sJohn S CuthillNew LaundryCharles BruceDavid TaitGeorge RitchieWoodlea DairyJohn CraigCrown DairyGeorge L MinterLorne HotelLido CafeFlorence BatesWest Links houseImperial HotelHood's LaundryNorth BerwickDavid S PurdieStathern HotelJames GilbertDays PhotographyE StoddartYachting PoolElphinstone HotelEdward DanksBramerton HotelWilliam StruthLittle GarthNether AbbeyRobert BertramWhite HousePine LodgeMcIntyre & coKenneth A JamesPoint Garry HotelKing's Knoll Hotel
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