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The fear bubble : harness fear and live without limits

Middleton, Anthony, 1981-2019
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Ant Middleton is no stranger to fear: as a point man in the Special Forces, he confronted fear on a daily basis, never knowing what lay behind the next corner, or the next closed door. In prison, he was thrust into the unknown, cut off from friends and family, isolated with thoughts of failure and dread for his future. And at the top of Everest, in desperate, life-threatening conditions, he was forced to face up to his greatest fear, of leaving his children and wife without a father and husband. But fear is not his enemy. It is the energy that propels him. Thanks to the revolutionary concept of the 'Fear Bubble', Ant has learned to harness the power of fear and understands the positive force that it can become. Here Ant retells the story of his death-defying climb of Everest and reveals the concept of the 'Fear Bubble', showing how it can be used in our lives to help us break through our limits.
London : HarperCollinsPublishers, 2019.
342 pages ; 24 cm
9780008194666 (hbk)
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158.1092158.1158.109158920 MID
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